Operational Management of South Devon Business Centre

The Project

Our solutions for Workspace Management and Business Advice Services can be adjusted to fit different needs and business models. So whilst we are able to provide the complete wrap-up solution, sometimes that might not be what a client requires, so we can add or remove services to create the right package.


As part of the South Devon College’s new Hi Tech & Digital Centre, the plan integrated a self-contained business centre occupying an area within the building.

The vision for the business centre was to bring real working businesses into the same space as students, providing insight, learning opportunities and student-business collaboration.

There was strong desire from the college that the culture, purpose and image throughout the brand new building should be consistent. As a consequence of this approach, the Business Centre was created in the same pure glass frame as education area; no blinds, no barriers just transparent, uncluttered space.

To enable the collaboration to naturally flow between business and education, the selection of appropriate tenant businesses was also important.

The Solution

The college were seeking pure operational management and business support services; property and facilities management services are covered through the buildings’ arrangements. Having experience of working with TDA on a similar project, the college approached us as a trusted and proven partner.

The solution that TDA provides, through our professional teams, includes valuation and estate, tenant recruitment, management and rent collection. We also provide an inclusive business support package available to both tenants and the wider business community.

Our tenant recruitment takes a strategic approach to identify businesses in the right sectors, including featuring in sector-specific editorial, networking with appropriate groups such as the Torbay Digital Forum and using an application process that allows us to verify suitability.

TDA’s estates team undertook a valuation assessment of the centre in terms of facilities, size and space, which combined with intelligence from across the area, allowed a suitable pricing strategy to be proposed and accepted.

We also created a suitable sub lease agreement for use between the college and tenants, ensuring that specific terms and conditions required by the college were integrated.


TDA and South Devon College have enhanced our close working partnership.

Since the Business Centre opened to tenants in October 2019, occupancy levels have reached 75% across the 16 office suite, with tenants enjoying the full range of facilities the Hi Tech & Digital Centre offers. The centre has a buzzing atmosphere and with facilitation by TDA, the opportunities for collaboration between education and business are being explored.

Operational Management of South Devon Business Centre
“South Devon College have a well-established relationship with TDA; their workspace management solutions enable the college to reassuringly handover the management of the business centre and take a fairly hands off approach, allowing us to focus on our students and the educational solutions we provide. We also work closely with TDA on the strategic Economic Development work of the Torbay area, in which we share an interest.”
——Laurence Frewin, Principal and CEO of South Devon College