Somerset Nurse Launches Microsuction Clinic at Highbridge

The Project

Experienced, qualified practice nurse Jane Wilkins runs an independent
earwax removal clinic from Highbridge Enterprise Centre.
Providing high quality, professional earwax removal services using both
microsuction and irrigation using the latest techniques and equipment
with her client’s safety and comfort as the number one priority.

The Challenge
When back surgery meant practice nurse Jane Wilkins was off work for
10 weeks she spent the time researching and looking at ways to make
her business dream take shape.
Running her own earwax removal clinic was something that she had
been considering. The service was slowly being discontinued by the
NHS. Having spent many years carrying out the procedure at her local
practice she knew what a difference it can make to a person’s quality of
life. With a change in family circumstances, and a need for some more
flexibility at work, Jane was feeling motivated to set up on her own.
With extensive practical expertise in her field professionally, the
challenge was taking the leap to set up in business. The process of
finding the right premises, and embracing the implications of running a
business began.

The Solution
Jane had key requirements for clinic premises. Parking was essential, as
well as easy access to the site for her clients, and a safe and secure
building to work from. Having considered working out of salons or renting
space from established businesses, Jane came across the Enterprise
“I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing without the support of the Enterprise
Centre. The Enterprise Centre in Highbridge was a building that I just
knew was perfect when I saw it. The site was easy to find for clients,
easily accessible out of hours, and a place I could feel safe when working
on my own. Importantly, by running my business from Highbridge, I am
able to offer disabled access to the building - essential for some of my
The Enterprise Centres are specifically designed to work with SMEs to
provide support from conception to growth. Key benefits for start-ups
joining a centre include; the easy in / easy out terms, communal areas
and access to a team of independent business advisors.

In 2019 Jane Wilkins launched her Clear Microsuction Clinic at
Highbridge Enterprise Centre. She carries out a full assessment of
patient’s needs from the friendly environment of her tailored room.
Patients are then treated using one of two methods carried out by Jane.
Some sessions are completed in a single visit, whereas a series of
sessions are sometimes required.
“At the moment I am one of the only people in the area running a full
clinic, Monday to Friday, offering the services that I do. The feedback
from my patients has been so supportive. People have been getting in
touch following recommendations from audiologists, opticians and my
client base is steadily growing.”
“I love doing what I do. The environment here means I am able to put
people at ease. I was at a point when I knew it was the time to make the
change professionally and I’m so happy I had the belief to make the
business happen.”
“I have had one-to-one sessions with TDA Business Advisor Phil Riste.
The advice helped with setting up in business as a sole trader, as well as
details of support networks.”
At the Enterprise Centres we are proud of the business communities we
are able to cultivate. Providing supportive opportunities for new
businesses to operate within. Each area has a significant referral
network, so where you may require specialist business advice, we can
quickly signpost to the right people or resources to help.

- Flexible business space to support business growth
- Space to expand
- Part of local business community
- Business advisor support
- Supportive enterprise community

The Future
Jane is looking to develop her clinic’s customer base around Highbridge,
and extend to surrounding areas. Long term plans include working
closely with audiologists and developing support groups for individuals
such as Tinnitus sufferers.
Above all Jane is determined to provide a friendly clinic, one that has the
time to provide a welcoming environment, and make people feel at ease.
We’re pleased to have the Clear Microsuction Clinic at Highbridge, and
look forward to watching this new Somerset business grow.

Visit the business website at:

Somerset Nurse Launches Microsuction Clinic at Highbridge
“I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing without the support of the Enterprise Centre.” “Anybody new to being self-employed; don’t let fear become a barrier. If you believe in it go for it.”
—Jane Wilkins