Joint Ventures

TDA Group’s JV model complies with the Public Contract Regulations and supports a structure which allows your organisation to exercise decisive influence over the JV.

TDA Group will work with your organisation to identify the appropriate structure, services and activities of the JV, so that it meets your needs and outcomes.

Retained Influence

Local Authorities retain a direct influence on the strategic direction of the JV through representation on the Board of Directors. This gives a greater degree of involvement than would be possible in a traditional outsourced, contract.

Better Outcomes

TDA Group’s JV’s provide a wide range of professional property services including facilities, estate and asset management, valuations, commercial redevelopment, engineering and project management.

Establishing a JV can avoid the need to follow a formal tendering process, whilst providing you with professional services as and when required.

TDA Group’s approach to monitoring and continuous improvement results in efficiencies and cost reductions on a regular basis.

Profit or gains of the Company are shared with the partner Local Authority.

Here are just a few examples of our full range of case studies here.

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