5 things you can do this month to kick start your business in 2018

With the holiday season approaching, December’s usually one of the busiest months of the year. There’s a lot going on in our lives – family celebrations to plan for, shopping to do and trees to decorate. It’s a busy time in the business world too, whether you’re working all hours in your high street shop or juggling paperwork and annual leave requests.

If you do find yourself with some downtime this month, here are some things you can do to plan ahead and kick-start your business in 2018.


Review your business plan

Whether it’s a document you look at often or something you created to serve a purpose, it’s time to take another look at your business plan. Does it still sound like your business? Are your goals the same? Have you changed direction? Unless you’ve reviewed it recently, chances are your plan could do with a few updates – whether that’s adding in a few new targets or re-writing your customer profiles.

If you don’t have a business plan yet now’s a great time to start. It doesn’t have to be a long, dry document but it should help guide you through the year and help you achieve your goals.

If you’d like support with your business plan we can help – speak to us today to book in an appointment with one of our advisors.


Set goals for the first three months

Your business plan might include goals throughout the year, but it’s always worth setting out a handful of targets for the months ahead. The new year brings new opportunities, so it’s a great time to challenge yourself – especially if others around you are at their quietest.

When you’re setting goals for your business try and make them specific and actionable, so you can record your progress. Whether you set realistic targets or challenging ones is up to you, but make sure they’re motivating you to have your best year yet.


Invest in yourself and your business

If you don’t already have one, set aside some of your budget to invest in yourself and your business. This might be training courses, events you want to attend or signing up to a weekly class. You need to be motivated, happy and focused to achieve the best results – so make sure you’re investing in yourself as well as the usual costs like technology, office supplies or workspace.

Need to work on your budget or finances first? Talk to us to find out how we can support you to look at your finances differently.


Keep in touch with your networks

With Christmas and New Year coming up there’s plenty to celebrate. If you haven’t spoken to someone in a while why not send them an email or give them a call, say hello and wish them a successful year ahead. While you’re there, let them know that you’re looking forward to the new year and that it’d be great to hear from them if you could work together on a project.

It’s often said that a lot of deals are done through our networks, so it’s important to stay in touch with people you’ve worked with before – you never know who might be looking for your expertise in the future. Plus, it’s the season of goodwill so the perfect excuse to catch up with people!


Take a break

Lastly, and most importantly, give yourself some time off. Take a break from running your business and have a rest. That might mean spending the weekend away in Cornwall by the beach or enjoying catching up with friends and family without checking your emails. If business can’t wait or you want to stay involved, try using some of your time to think creatively about the year ahead… instead of working in your business.


We hope these ideas give you some inspiration to kick-start your business in 2018. Let us know how you get on by leaving us a comment or tweeting us @TDABusiness.

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