Case Study: Trace-Less – introducing a more sustainable way

As Torquays’ first solo zero waste shop, Trace-Less are committed to introducing a more sustainable way to consume everyday household items and goods, to reduce food, water and plastic use. Owned by Dana Kocisova, Trace-Less offers organic and non-organic dried foods, liquid dispensers, eco-friendly toiletries and household products which can be refilled through a ‘weigh & save’ system, allowing customers to buy as much as they need and reducing product and plastic consumption.


The Challenge:

Equipped with the dedication to revolutionise the zero-waste movement, Trace-Less are on a mission to encourage more sustainable consumption in Torbay.

With little to no background in business, Dana felt that independent business support was needed  to transform Trace-Less into a reality and to provide the right support in starting a business from scratch.


The Solution:

TDA business supported Trace-Less through the fundamentals of business start-up, providing assistance with creating a business plan, market research and budgeting. Kim Thornton, TDA Business Advisor, also helped Trace-Less to secure a start-up loan, which helped Trace-Less with initial costs such as rent, equipment, stock and marketing. The support was delivered through the fully funded ERDF Enterprise Coaching project.

Dana, owner of Trace-Less said: “TDA, and particularly Kim, was a fantastic source of support, not only on the technical side of starting up a business, but also in terms of encouragement and building my confidence. She is knowledgeable in the field of business and all essentials and even non-essential assets that were relevant to my particular business. She is incredibly resourceful and quick to respond to any queries that have arisen no matter when I asked.”

Kim Thornton said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Dana. She has come across hurdles but her determination and passion for her business has led her to opening her beautiful shop. TDA is committed to helping startups and it is encouraging to see ethical and sustainable businesses emerging.”


The Future:

Whilst the market research carried out by Trace-Less identified a major gap in the Torbay market for a zero-waste establishment, Trace-Less feel strongly about the lack of education surrounding waste-management. Their next steps are to introduce a zero-waste mindset into Torbay communities through collaboration with organisations such as Torbay Climate action, Conservation Chat UK, Torbay Council and also schools across the area.

Trace-Less are also looking to expand their distribution channels through providing a ‘click-and-collect’ service which will be managed on their website, accommodating for the Covid-19 mask regulations.

TDA have supported Trace-Less through the early stages of business start-up which has been enabled by the European Regional Development Fund – Enterprise Coaching Project which provides fully funded Business Support to Start-up Businesses in Torbay through One to One sessions and Workshops.

To find out more about Trace-Less you can visit

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