Cyber security for small business owners

In response to increasing demand, and the rising number of incidences occurring throughout the business world, TDA Business are hosting a number of Cyber Security workshops.

Small Business Owners in Somerset recently attended the first of our Cyber Security sessions; ‘Keeping Your Business Safe Online,’ presented by Avon & Somerset Police. The information and statistics provided by Frazer Keith introduced the reality and hard hitting facts that cyber security is on the rise and costing UK business:

  • UK small businesses were forced to repel 66 attacks per hour on average in 2019
  • 31% of small businesses identified cyber security breaches in the last 12 months, costing on average £3650 per year
  • Most cyber-attacks are via fraudulent emails or website links

The impact of a Cyber breach can be extended furthermore including reputation damage as well as possible fines levied under GDPR.

The message to Small Business owners is that despite the rise of such attacks, there is plenty that can be done to help prevent and reduce your chances of falling victim to such incidences. Based on the National Cyber Security Centre’s Small Business Guidance, pointers included; securing your credentials, identifying the signs of phishing scams and basic technical security.

What can you do next?

  • A strong password set-up will eliminate a large number of attacks. Three completely random words, with capitals inserted, (not at the beginning), and numbers, (not at the end).
  • Two-factor authentication will eliminate 90% of cyber-attacks. This involves a separate code sent to a mobile phone, or a small device every time you try to login to websites.
  • The government backed cyber security website is a terrific resource, with free downloadable content for small business, and also videos for staff training – take a look here:
  • Also there is a website for technical jargon explained in layman’s terms, with helpful guides and reviews –

To feel confident to take your businesses cyber security to the next level – enquire, or book onto one of our upcoming Cyber Security workshops:

The complete listing of TDA Business Workshops: TDA Business – Torbay, EPIC Centre – Torbay,  Somerset Enterprise Centres – Somerset

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