Four reasons why working from home isn’t for everyone

Working from home often holds the promise of more freedom, zero commute and complete control of your workload. However, can the promise fall short of the actuality? 


Easier said than done

For a lot of home workers and small businesses, the thought of working from home conjures images of the ultimate illusive ‘work life balance’; something understandably desirable for many.

However, in reality, lots of homeworkers are faced with even more plates to spin whilst contending with increased distractions.


An ideal space

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated home office with a fully equipped stationary cupboard at your disposal then you’re one of the lucky ones. However, many home workers find themselves perched at the kitchen table or balancing laptops on their laps. If you don’t have a workspace that suits your needs, you might find it impacts on your productivity before too long.


Blurred lines

When working from home, ‘clocking on and off’ becomes less of a priority and home workers can easily find themselves working long over their planned core hours. Where does home begin and work end? Distinguishing home from work and work from home can be a challenge for some.


Solo working or so lonely?

Working from home has one particularly obvious pitfall – no co-workers. Although for some, this actually may be seen as advantageous initially, inevitably a lack of social interactivity at work could start to feel isolating. If you’re someone who thrives on collaboration then you may want to rethink working from home.


So what’s the solution?

Flexible office space and communal working is a brilliant alternative to home working. Unlike traditional office space offering long term, cumbersome leases at great expense, work hubs or enterprise centres can bridge the gap between working from home at an affordable cost; Perfect for small and growing businesses who have outgrown the spare room or kitchen table. Many spaces offer a ready made business community, as well as inpartial business support on site.


If you’re a home worker looking for an alternative place to work then check out our space available in Devon and Somerset.

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