How we learnt to be Brilliant

Thursday 22nd February started as another ordinary day. Heading towards the end of the working week, Thursday is often one of the days where we’re all working hard and counting down the days until the weekend. This Thursday was different however, as over 100 business owners, teams and individuals headed to the Palace Theatre in Paignton for a motivational business event.

The event in question was the first in our Knowledge Networks series – The Art of Being Brilliant with Andy Cope. Once everyone had taken their seats and the event started it was clear that this wasn’t going to be another ordinary day. It was going to be the start of a big, positive change.

Andy took to the stage and over the next three hours delivered value, insight and motivation – encouraging us to be our brilliant selves. He made the science of positivity and happiness relevant and relatable, referencing events from his own life, previous events and others’ experiences to show how transformative a few changes to your attitude and outlook can be.

The event was a blend of practical advice and training and motivating, inspiring calls to action centred around the realisation that life is ‘too precious to be sleepwalking through it’. It’s a simple thought but all too often our lives are busy, hectic and we can get stuck making what’s referred to as ‘low level grumbles’. Andy’s training gave a brilliant insight into how the “top 2%” navigate life and the behaviours that we can model from them. It was a wake up call, with many people leaving the event feeling refreshed and inspired to make small changes to the way they approach life and challenges, which ultimately lead to living a happier and more successful life.

We spoke to some of our audience, which featured guests from big organisations (like National Trust) as well as independent business owners, after the event to see what they thought:

“So motivational and really makes you think and take a look at yourself and your life. Looking forward to learning more about how to be more brilliant!”

Fee White, The Haldon Guest House

We only wish it could have lasted longer – three hours flew by, which is a testament to how engaging Andy and his training were. It has been long-lasting too, as we’re hearing references to “the 2%” and “build a bridge and get over it” in the office almost a month later. We’re already looking forward to the next Knowledge Networks event in June.


Want to have your best year ever?

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life and your business this year it’d be great to see you at our next event, How to create IMPACT through better communication with Nigel Risner. Nigel will join us on 15th June at the Palace Theatre to inspire us to have our best year ever by communicating differently. It’s designed for business owners and teams who want to create impact and is relevant to large organisations through to smaller independent businesses. You can find out more and book now at


To find out more about Andy Cope and The Art of Being Brilliant visit


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