In the Know – September

Federation of Small Businesses Launches 2018 Small Business Awards

Innovative and successful small businesses across the UK are now being encouraged to enter the 2018 FSB awards. The awards are free to enter and applicable to small businesses and the self-employed, whether a current FSB member or not.

The awards aim to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit across the 5.7 million small businesses in the UK. With award categories including Micro Business of the Year, Start-up Business of the Year, Community Business of the Year and Digital Innovation Award to mention just a few. The FSB awards website includes details of the benefits of entering, hints and tips on your application and details of past winners.

Visit the FSB Small Business Awards website here.

Public Sector Digital Spend Access for SMEs

The Digital Marketplace was established to simplify the application process for accessing public sector digital contracts, it allows public sector buyers to find technology or people to deliver digital projects.

In August it was revealed that £1.9bn has been spent with SMEs since 2012, the equivalent of £1.35 out of every £3 spent by government. The Digital Marketplace is a drive by the Government to enable “small businesses to work in partnership with the public sector to drive the UK’s digital transformation.”  Thousands of SMEs are signed up to the Digital Marketplace and the latest report highlights the ongoing work to open up access to public sector spending.

Read the latest updates here.

Supporting Innovative Social Entrepreneurs and Ventures

Do you have an innovative and sustainable business idea to help drive social change?

UnLtd fund and support social entrepreneurs across three areas of focus; ‘Building access to employment’, ‘Resilient communities’ and ‘Solutions for an ageing society.’

Their latest support programme ‘Thrive’ is now open for social venture applications providing six months of intensive support with the opportunity to secure investment of up to £50,000. Applications close 28 September.

Find out more about UnLtd, the work they support and the Thrive Programme.

Funding Earmarked for High Tech Hubs and British Innovation

Funds to develop ‘catapult centres’ are one way that the Chancellor will support the growth and creation of new products, services and inventions.

The backing of innovative British companies is reported as being at a 40-year high, with £780m of extra funding for high-tech hubs. The catapult network brings together UK business, science and engineering working together to ‘catapult’ products from ideas to market. The programme focuses and supports sectors and technologies predicted for high demand in the coming years.

Read more about the plans that aim to support researchers and entrepreneurs.

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