It’s a Zoo Around Here Quiz : Which Animals are our Advisors?

The Dolphins

With our next Knowledge Network event centred around our ‘animal – like’ communication style, we took the opportunity to quiz our Business Advisor team and discover whether they communicate like Lions, Monkeys, Elephants or Dolphins.

Two of our advisors, Kim and Alan, are Dolphins.

Dolphins are very supportive and perceptive of others’ emotions. They are excellent at building rapport and are often also skilled in handling detail. People can perceive them as being weak or over-emotional. When talking with Dolphins, pay attention to social and personal aspects as well as the task and remember they find change unsettling.

The fact two of our Advisors are Dolphins isn’t overly surprising, as a supportive nature and rapport building are two core qualities you’d look to have in any good Business Advisor. You can rest assured that your business plan will be looked over with care, and any support you receive will be aligned to suit you and your business needs. You can talk openly with your advisor without fear of judgement and although they aren’t the most assertive, they will always be honest with you.

But what do Kim and Alan make of their ‘Dolphin like’ communication style?

Kim’s thoughts: “I don’t think I get over emotional when it comes to my work, although I do become very invested in people. When I form a good relationship with my client, I’ll often become their biggest champion. I love seeing the people I work with take their businesses from strength to strength; it’s very rewarding.”

Alan’s thoughts: “It doesn’t surprise me that I’m a Dolphin at all. I work best when I can relate to the subject, and my favourite part of my job is working with a different variety of clients every day. I can get offended if people don’t reciprocate my empathetic nature, however, I can always see both sides of the story!”

Having a Dolphin as a Business Advisor will ensure you and your business are in compassionate and honest hands. They are tactful, thoughtful and will always have your best interests at heart. Although ensure you turn up to your appointment and take their advice on board, as Dolphins can be over sensitive!

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