New Year, Better Business

New Year new you?  Have you made a resolution for both yourself and your business for 2018?


At the start of the year you might have made some personal goals or resolutions for 2018. Maybe you’re focusing on your fitness or challenging yourself to read more, whatever it is a lot of us use the New Year as an opportunity to make a change for the better.


Something you might not have thought of is creating a resolution for your business. Like any other area of life, our businesses can benefit from change, investment and a fresh approach.


Why resolutions are important


Often we make resolutions because we want to improve or change something, whether that’s an area of our lives or our business. At TDA Business we’ve definitely made some of our own resolutions this year. We’ve started to look more closely at how we can help you help your business even further, despite operating in an increasingly challenging economic climate. It’s an exciting opportunity for us and for everyone we work with. We love what we do and most of all we love helping businesses to start and grow.


How to make an effective resolution or goal


Many people talk about the importance of a SMART plan and making small, realistic adjustments that have a big impact. However, if you follow Andy Cope (one of the speakers in our TDA Knowledge Networks series) on Twitter, he talks about making huge, revolutionary changes.


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This made me think about the people I have met who have wanted to start a business. I can’t recall anyone saying that they were aspiring to create a mediocre business. They all have said things like: “there is a gap”, “no-one is offering what people want”, “the industry does not excel in…”  


What they all had in common was they wanted to propose a better service, better product, better offering and a brilliant business. So why do we not see more brilliant businesses?


Andy Cope specialises in supporting people to become more positive, motivated and brilliant and will remind you how to be your ‘best self‘.  If you want to get the best out of yourself and your staff then come along to our first Knowledge Network event, ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ with Andy Cope, at the Palace Theatre, Paignton. Tickets are £25 plus booking fee.


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This event isn’t just for those starting a new business, Andy also works with highly established multi-international businesses, and his experience caters for businesses of all shapes and sizes. His workshops look at how we can succeed in the fast-changing world and help you to not only survive change but embrace it too.


At TDA Business we are doing just that, as we explore new opportunities to support more businesses in new and engaging ways.


What would you like to see improve regarding your business this year? Join us at the Knowledge Network with Andy Cope – it could be your first step in improving your business.


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