Top Tips. How to grow your small business on social

Would you like to be using social media to help your business but not quite sure where to start?

Working with social media platforms to promote or grow your business can be a daunting task, don’t let that stop you. Read on and you’ll soon be making the most of this great way to engage with your customers.

So, where to start? Not sure what to post?

First off, engaging content needs to be a top priority. Here’s some top tips from our Business Advisor Alan Smith, for creating engaging content. Get your audience interested and reaching out to you!

Try thinking PIP and the rule of thirds;

Promotions & Updates: Consider that a third of your content relates to sales messages. Promoting what you do, special offers, competitions, new launches, new product lines, testimonials from work you’ve done. Remember sales messages can take many forms!

Industry/Local News: This is the stuff that is connected to the business areas you work in, both industry and geographical. Sharing content, blogs or news articles is a good way to engage with your audience, and makes up the second third of content.

Personality: Not personal posts, but the personality of your business – how people perceive you or how you would like customers to view you. Short videos, GIFs, staff photos are all good ways of showing some of the personality of your business, ‘behind the scenes’ if you like. Another third of content.


If you are struggling for content ideas, there are lots of resources available that can help. Take – a day for everything! Great to spark your inspiration and get you thinking. You can be sure that you will find something there to connect to your business!

Graphic design not your thing? Free online tools can create social media masterpieces in minutes. Take a look at design resources such as


At TDA we deliver ERDF funded workshops to help you become familiar with essential tools for your business. We run social media workshops that will get you using social media effectively and confidently for your business.

You’ll find our most current list of workshops on our EventBrite page here

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