Why you need to incorporate Pokemon Go into your Marketing

The unprecedented rise of the augmented reality mobile exploration game ‘Pokemon Go’ has been an unavoidable trend since its release in July 2016. The obsession of trying to be the very best, like no one ever was, has become an established activity for millions of gamer’s world wide. In fact, according to data gathered from YouGov, 5.3 million people are still using the app today; with 6.1 million adults (13% of the population) having downloaded and installed Pokemon Go, despite critics claiming that interest in the game is waning. The app has doubled the engagement of Snapchat, and has suppressed Twitter in its percentage of daily active users.

For those not yet in the know, Pokemon Go transforms the real world into a hunting ground to catch all 151 Pokemon by using your phones GPS and camera features, converting local landmarks as well as businesses into ‘Pokemon Gyms’ and ‘Pokestops’, where Pokemon Go users can visit to train their Pokemon and battle other teams.

Needless to say, the marketing opportunities available from this phenomenon should be highly considered and implemented into your marketing strategy. All over the country, businesses have been capitalising on this massive opportunity. This summer, Paignton Zoo held a ‘Pokemon Hunt’ event, which attracted over 3,500 people charging £3 per person. The zoo was able to raise just under £13k for conservation projects.

Pokestops near businesses have already increased footfall for cafes, pubs, restaurants and museums with some businesses increasing sales by 75%, all because they happened to be situated near Pokestops and Gyms.

To start turning the mobile gamers around you into your new best customers, we investigate the 5 top tips for incorporating Pokemon Go into your Business;

1 Incorporate Pokemon Go into your social media

If you have a Pokestop or a Gym near your business, use your social media feeds to shout about it. Encourage players to ‘check in’ and ‘tag’ your premises. Also promote any rare Pokemon sightings that are found nearby. If there are Gyms in close proximity to you, set up a notice board to announce which team is in control of your Gym, offering discounts to any members of that team.

2 Offer free Wifi

This is a must for Pokemon Go users – many gamers are put off by the thought of them using up their precious monthly data. By offering free Wifi, customers are more inclined to use the app within your establishment and therefore, are more likely to share and promote your business and its Pokemon Go advantages. Word of mouth is a valuable marketing tool.

3 Provide a charging station 

The Pokemon Go app is battery hungry, so Pokemon trainers will take up any opportunity to charge their mobile phones. Providing a charging station attracts customers into your business, leaving opportunity for increased sales.

4 Host a Pokemon Hunt or a Pokemon themed lock in 

Whether you own a bar or a clothes store, implement a Pokemon theme into designated events, where Pokemon Go trainers can purchase ‘Pikachu Cocktails’ for example. You can charge accordingly on the door, depending on the trainer level of the customer. Those at level 0-10 can be charged £5, whereas customers with the trainer level 10+ can be charged £3.

5 Use a ‘Lure’ 

Lures can be purchased (79p) and once discharged on a Pokestop they will attract Pokemon to its location for 30 minutes. This can be incorporated with a Pokemon themed event. For a little more than a pound an hour, you can bring crowds to your business.

What Now?

However you feel about Pokemon Go, be creative with your approach. If your business is nowhere near a Pokestop or Gym, take your business to popular Pokemon sighting spots. Take advantage of cluster Pokestops and lay down lures when you find them, taking your business with you, whether that be taking sandwich samples to the park or handing out leaflets next to a Gym.

Pokemon Go is a great opportunity to connect with customers and build strong relationships. Even if the app isn’t as popular 6 months down the line, the customers that you please today will remember you tomorrow.





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